Tuesday, February 4, 2014

AYOS - Jersey Girl

For a few years now I have loved seeing the Schnibbles parades and have always wanted to join in, but I just wasn't quick enough to complete my top in time!  Well this year I am trying again :)

Here is January's selection, Jersey Girl.  You can see the original quilt and buy the pattern here.

So yes the original was supposed to be 36" square.  I made mine just a tad bigger, it is 89" square :)  I used Midwinter Reds like the original (because I loved it so much!!) but used 3 layer cakes to get the reds and creams.  I will use the beiges in another project.

You can see the other Jersey Girls HERE and HERE.


  1. 89 inches square! Wow! I would have never known that if I had not read your post. Well done! ....and welcome to the parade! See you back here next month!

  2. That is beautiful! Huge too! I love that you made it larger.