Sunday, October 20, 2013

FNSI OCtober Edition

Well it's been a while (again!) since I updated my blog, nothing like a good FNSI to get the productivity happening :)

I like to start something new during a FNSI, and not only something new but something that is just for me!  So this month I made an Abbey Bag!  I have had this pattern for a while now, and now that I have made one I will definitely be making some more!  I made it using scraps of an older Moda range called Chocolat.  I stuffed my pincushion with toy stuffing instead of sand so had to modify the pattern to make it work.

Please excuse the awful photo, it is night time here and we have down-lights throughout the house and they are the absolute pits when it comes to taking photos!  I will take one in daylight but wanted to get this post up tonight or it might never get done :)

Photo replaced :)

Hope all the other FNSI-ers had a productive night!  

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I had a great FNSI, I started a new project just because I could :)  I am making a Moda Bake Shop project by Janice Ryan of Better Off Thread - you can see it here!  I loved her quilt and I happened to have a jelly roll of the same fabric sitting here just waiting for inspiration so I jumped in and started sorting and sewing.

I have most of my strip sets sewn, and have started cutting and sewing them into diamonds...

Oh and NOW I remember why last time I did a quilt with diamonds I swore I would never make a diamond quilt again!!  But then it does look so pretty...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cat Patches July NewFO

I thought seeing my specialty is starting new projects I would join in Cat Patches NewFO linkup this month :)  You can see what everyone else has been up to here or just click on the picture below!

First up I finally started my French General quilt.  I bought it as a kit, then lost the pattern, then found the pattern but lost the fabric, then found the fabric but couldn't find the pattern.  BUT then I realised the pattern was a free download from Moda so after all that I started cutting and sewing before I lost it again :)  In my defense we did move house in between the lost and found saga.

So most of the blocks are done (some need pressing as you can see!) and I have started assembling the rows.  I did run out of the red fabric and ordered some more but when it arrived it was not quite the same.  It is an older line, but luckily I loved it so much I have a FQ bundle as well so will pinch the red from that :)

Next up are some blocks I started making with a fat eighth bundle of Just Wing It.  I have 3 blocks done so far.  The yellow background is a Basic Grey grunge fabric, I really love the texture and grunge is definitely my go-to background fabric rather than a solid, especially now it is available in so many colors!  I definitely need more practice sewing curves, these blocks are quite small at 8" finished, so the curves are pretty tight, I don't have so much trouble with larger curves.  I avoided hand appliqueing circles in the middle by stitching triangles to each corner before joining them :)

And then I went to the craft show in Melbourne during July and did a couple of classes.  First up was the Babylock class where we made a makeup purse completely on the overlocker, including the gathering, piping and inserting the zipper!  This is a start and a finish :)

And another class and another start and finish is this little Japanese pouch, it was so much fun to make, even though it was completely handsewn and I generally avoid handsewing at all costs!  The hardware used on it is so cute and is really unusual!

So that's it for June!  And don't forget to see what everyone else has started on the Cat Patches blog right here!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More to share...

A granny square quilt for a very special little girl, just needs binding!

This is made from the Spin Cycle pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew, I used Basic Grey Kissing Booth.  The top is finished and is ready for quilting!

This was done to test a pattern for OTL Designs.  Top is finished ready for quilting.

This is a Schnibbles pattern from one of the books, but made with layer cakes instead of charm squares.  Needs a border and then it will be ready for quilting.  This will be for my Mum.

And there is still more to come!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm back!

Did anyone miss me?

Well the sale of our new home (finally!) went through after weeks of delays and many sleepless nights!  it's hard to believe but we have been here just over 6 months now, it is funny because it feels so much like home that it feels like we have always lived here, yet I still pinch myself most days to make sure I am not dreaming, I love this house so much!  Oh plus I still have a garage full of boxes left to unpack :)

My old studio was a portable building in the front yard, in which I crammed my longarm, cutting table, sewing machine, computer, and all my stash and sewing equipment.  Now I have a large longarm room, a separate office, and a large sewing room and they are all inside the house - I am LOVING it!!!

Sewing wise I have kept busy!  I made these bags:

This is Dolcetto by Melly and Me.

And this is a Margo bag by Lazy Girl Designs.

This is Let's Twist Again by Ann Francene that was published in (I think!) Australian Country Craft.  This has been temporarily claimed by my daughter, with instructions that I can have it back once I have made her a pink version :)

This is a jumbo sized version of Pink Penguin's Lunch Bag -  I started with 50cm of the dress print fabric and quilted it first, then made it as big as possible.  It is a school sports bag for my daughter.  

I have more to show but I will save that for another post :)