Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My knight in shining armour (well almost...)

So what do you do when you realise your son has a dress-up night at cub scouts, and there is less than 1 hour until he has to be there?

15 mins to decide what he is going as (it was K night...).
5 minutes to grab his halloween spider zombie outfit and tuck in the stand-up collar and add a red t-shirt.
15 minutes to find fabric, trim, sew casing, add elastic - 1 cape done!
10 minutes to find white sticker paper and cut out a cross.
2 minutes to pick up a scrap of fabric that was cut off for the cape and tie it around his waist as a belt. 

Meanwhile hubby cut a sword out of cardboard and covered the blade part in foil.

Finished with time to spare!

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