Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly stitching!

Well I have had a great week quilting wise, not a lot to show but I have been busy!  I am working on the Chubby Star quilt-along on Tracejay's blog (yes I know I started a bit behind, but better late than never LOL!).

So in a momemt of utter weakness (and a little stupidity!) I decided I would make it in the california king size.  So I have cut enough strips to make 400 4-patch blocks with 1" finished squares.  And I have sewn them together.  And  I have cross-cut into 2-patch segments.  And sewn them into 72 4-patches.  Only 328 to go LOL!  I loved the colors in the original and am going with similar colors but using Verna.


  1. I love those fabrics you're using for your quilt, Susan. Isn't it funny that when you break down how many little bits you need to make a quilt, it seems so daunting - especially when you're cutting it all! :o) Hope you keep posting your progress.

    I should probably blog about how much fabric I buy and use in order to make myself accountable, but then I'd just get depressed, so I'm not going to! LOL!



  2. Beautiful 4 patches. Good for you working into your stash!

  3. Wow - loving the Verna for your King quilt - but whew - that will be a lot of work (smile)! And love the stash thing too - great way to keep track!!