Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A lucky streak!

Well I think I should go and buy a tattslotto ticket, I have had such great luck recently!

Firstly I was super lucky to win an entire quilt kit from Sew Prim Khris - how generous is that to give away an entire quilt kit!  The pattern is one of Khris's own designs, and she has them for sale on her blog so check it out!

A few weeks ago I won this gorgeous panel from Inch Worm Fabrics and was very remiss not to show it off on my blog :)  I keep looking at it but still haven't decided what to do, do I quilt it as it is, or cut the squares apart and and few different things with it?  Such a fantastic decision to have to make!

And then I won a copy of the latest Country Threads magazine from Vicki of Tozz's Corner, Vicki has a project for a table runner and coasters printed in the magazine, can't wait to make them, I should have had her sign it for me!!  I will post pictures once I am done!

And then a few months ago I got an email from the lovely people at Homespun magazine asking if they could feature the selvedge handbag I made from a Jodie Carleton pattern published in their magazine in their Reader's Showcase section.  Well of course my answer was "YES!".  Then a few weeks later I got another email saying I had been chosen as the winner from that issue and there was a prize on it's way!  I couldn't say anything until that issue had been published, and it arrived on my doorstep a few days ago so now I tell all!  The fabrics are gorgeous, some have a pearly print on them that just looks so special, and I love the Lakehouse ribbon!

And I am very privileged to to have won one of the fabulous Cyndi of Bluebirdswing's bags!!  Will post pictures as soon as it arrives on my doorstep :)

Wow I think it is definitely my turn to host a giveaway, so stay tuned!! 


  1. Wow, girl, you have been on a lucky streak! And how absolutely fabulous that Homespun Magazine wanted to feature your selvage bag...too cool! Hope your luck continues, too! :o)



    P.S. Mailing your bag today!

  2. Holy snapping duck have been one lucky ducky...way to go girl...hugs Khris

  3. What fun all of those fabulous goodies! wowsers.

  4. Hi Sooze!

    I remember seeing your selvedge bag in Homespun because I thought it was beautifully made! Your prizes are well deserved!! :-)

    As for MUFs (most recent post) - good on you! We do all put so much pressure on ourselves to finish things (or design things) and it's all about the journey - not just the destination! I too have been making things (or finishing things) as and when I please. It's so good to take the pressure off isn't it?

    Your projects are wonderful, Sooze!

    Hugs! Vikki x