Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last Thursday it was my turn to do the craft activity at J-Team which is an after school group at my church that my kids go to.  J-Team is a fantastic program, It runs for about 6 weeks of each school term, goes for 2 hours on a Thursday after school, and the kids do a craft activity, play games, have an RE lesson, and also have dinner (so hubby and I can have something for our dinner that the kids won't eat!!). 

Each year for Christmas my church has a book they use as their theme, this year it is One Starry Night, so we have been doing lots of sheep themed activities this term.  So I thought we could make pompoms and turn them into sheep.  The age group of the kids range from about 5 to about 13, so it had to be easy enough for the younger kids, but interesting enough for the older kids, and able to be completed in about 20 minutes.  So here is the sheep I came up with, using torn strips of fabric instead of wool for the pompom!

Other than faces and eyes that kept falling off because the child-safe glue wasn't sticky enough I think all the kids enjoyed it!

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