Monday, November 22, 2010

Friday Night Sew In!!

Well I had a lovely Friday Night Sew In, I started a new project which is always a bit fun :)  Last year I bought a kit to make a quilt to hang in our dining room, I loved it so much I went and had this huge wall rack custom made to fit it!  Well as much as I loved the kit I think I was a little bit scared of it.  Let me explain..

You see I am a perfectionist!  But not in a good way, oh no!  I tend to get the idea in my head that if it is not 110% sure I can do something perfectly then there is no point even trying!  As frustrating as it is, and as much as I hate how it quashes any hope of creativity, I have not been able to do anything about it. 

But I have decided it is time for a change, time to break all those old bad habits, and just do things for the sheer joy of doing so!  So I grabbed my kit, cut it up and started sewing!  5 blocks down, 4 more to go!

Now that block may not look scary to you, BUT it needs to be appliqued inside a circle, or rather a circle needs to be appliqued are it, and around the other 8 blocks, and I don't "do" applique, I am strictly a piecing gal.  Then the border has this funky curve and point thing happening around the outside. So I'm not up to the scary bits yet but I am determined that it will happen :)

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