Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's been a while...

Wow where have the last few weeks gone?  Well our school holidays have just finished and the kids were back to school yesterday, I love my kids to bits but it was such a relief to have some time just to myself again! 

Normally we send both kids to my parents house for the school holidays, but this time around we sent just my daughter, she has been having some problems and I wanted her to be spoilt rotten and be the most important preson in the world for a couple of weeks. 

Meantime our son stayed here, and he takes a bit of entertaining let me tell you LOL!  In the 2 weeks we went ice skating 4 times, visited the museum, Scienceworks, the old Treasury Building (including the gold vaults underground), Federation Square, Burke Street Mall, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Shrine of Remembrance, and a heap of other activities.

So now I need a holiday LOL!

Anyway I have signed up to join the Charming Girl's Quilt Club.

So my goals for July and August are:
  • quilt and bind my daughters Sweet Menagerie quilt
  • finish the top of my French Kiss quilt
  • finish the top of the pink and green quilt (as yet unnamed)
  • finish the top of my red, white and blue quilt (as yet unnamed)
  • make my Dolcetto bag
  • make my Girl Friday bag
  • make my Beach House bag
OK I think that will do :)


  1. Wow, what a busy time you've had! I would imagine that boys would be harder to entertain than girls! :o)

    You've got quite a list there...I have made the Dolcetto bag many times...it goes together really easily and is BIG! I just finished the Sleepover bag (Melly & Me also)...had a bit of trouble with that one! Hope you post all your finishes!



  2. You have been busy and I'm glad you are back I have missed your posts. I'm looking forward to seeing your finishes. i have made the Dolcetto bag a few times as a gift and it always turns out grat.

  3. Welcome to the club - we're glad to have you! Great goals - can't wait to see your pretty projects!

  4. Very busy school holidays! I actually dont want the school holidays to end! I usually get to sleep in for and extra hour or two during the holidays as my son is in his teens and can amuse himself!