Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Toffee Apple

Another bag finished, and a new favorite!  This is another Melly and Me pattern, this one is called Toffee Apple. It was also another kit from Patterns Only/Oz Material Girls with the exception of the red floral fabric I used in the handles, base and lining which was from my stash.

It is supposed to have twill tape around the top to hide the raw edges but I didn't have any and didn't want to pop out to the shops so I used some cotton drill I had and made a standard double fold binding which I machined to the outside and hand-stitched to the inside and it works really well, it is sturdy enough to give the top a real frilly look when it is closed.

This bag was really fun to make, a lot of things were done differently to how I would have done it, but I followed the pattern step by step and it really was easier doing it their way rather than my way, even if it did seem a bit scary at the time!  An example is the base of the bag, it is actually made separately and then top-stitched in place rather than inserted in with a seam - very clever!

2 must-have tools when making both this and the Raspberry Ripple bag are Fasturn tubes for turning handles, casings, etc, and Roxannes Glue Bast- it!  I am so in love with Glue Baste-It, I have had my little bottle for years but only used it last week for the first time, and have used it in both bags as well as to hold my sons scouts badges while I sewed them on, and it is FANTASTIC!!  Just not having pins to get in the way is great, but it also doesn't distort the fabric like pins can!


  1. Susan, that is soooo darn cute! I have been wanting to buy that pattern for a long time, just never have gotten around to it. I do have quite a few of Melly & Me patterns and like them very well. You should try the "Sleep Over Bag". I am working on that one's in my UFO pile, but I hope to finish it sometime this summer! LOL!!

    Great job!



  2. Another great bag. I love the glue baste-it as well I used it to keep my mini-dresden plates in place so much easier and kinder than pins.

  3. I want this pattern...I haven't ran into it anywhere.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Your bag is gorgeous! I am interested in finding this glue- baste stuff and giving it a try! where did u buy it? Do u think spotlight will have it?