Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another bag!

Gee anyone would think I enjoyed making bags or something!! :)

This came from the Australian Homespun magazine (issue 84) and was designed by Jodie Carlton of Ric Rac.  My selvedges came from 3 fabric lines.  I started with a Moda Scrap Bag - Looking Back by Brannock and Patek.  I then went through my stash for similar colored fabrics, and found some half yard pieces of Harmony by Jan Patek that I had bought to go with a layer cake.  Then I came across a kit I had had for about 3 years and had not started yet that seemed to match in OK so I started cutting selvedges, only to discover it was Wild Rose by - you guessed it! - Brannock and Patek.  Do you see a trend happening here?

I matched it with some Moda Bella Chocolate/Hershey, and used some beige with butterflies for the lining (from my stash).

On another note we visited a shop we have here in Melbourne called USA Foods, wow did I have some fun in there!  Once we got home I had my first ever Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich - YUM!!  Other highlights included Hershey Kisses (not so impressed, Australian chocolate is much nicer!), Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (yum!!), Reeses Pieces (oh my, we are going back for more of these!), and some Bounce dryer sheets (we don't have dryer sheets here in Australia at all!  Now my clothes smell so yummy!).

We got to the counter to pay and the lady in front of me had an American accent and was buying up REAL big on Kraft Jet-Puffed, so I figured it had to be good stuff so I got a jar.  Now I had no idea what to do with it, it had recipes on the back but I figured surely it had a use other than in cooking?  So first I tried it on a spoon straight out of the jar - not bad!  Then I had it on toast with peanut butter - YUM!!  It went so-so on a crumpet.  I tried a blob in some hot chocolate and that was pretty good too!  So before I go back for some more, how is it supposed to be eaten?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Toffee Apple

Another bag finished, and a new favorite!  This is another Melly and Me pattern, this one is called Toffee Apple. It was also another kit from Patterns Only/Oz Material Girls with the exception of the red floral fabric I used in the handles, base and lining which was from my stash.

It is supposed to have twill tape around the top to hide the raw edges but I didn't have any and didn't want to pop out to the shops so I used some cotton drill I had and made a standard double fold binding which I machined to the outside and hand-stitched to the inside and it works really well, it is sturdy enough to give the top a real frilly look when it is closed.

This bag was really fun to make, a lot of things were done differently to how I would have done it, but I followed the pattern step by step and it really was easier doing it their way rather than my way, even if it did seem a bit scary at the time!  An example is the base of the bag, it is actually made separately and then top-stitched in place rather than inserted in with a seam - very clever!

2 must-have tools when making both this and the Raspberry Ripple bag are Fasturn tubes for turning handles, casings, etc, and Roxannes Glue Bast- it!  I am so in love with Glue Baste-It, I have had my little bottle for years but only used it last week for the first time, and have used it in both bags as well as to hold my sons scouts badges while I sewed them on, and it is FANTASTIC!!  Just not having pins to get in the way is great, but it also doesn't distort the fabric like pins can!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another finish - Raspberry Ripple

I have to say I really love this pattern, and I love how my bag turned out!

This was a kit put together by Patterns Only/Oz Material Girls as part of their Bag Club.  The pattern is called Raspberry Ripple and is by Melly and Me.  It came together quite nicely, and looks far more complicated than it actually was (and I would have made it even easier for myself if I had have read the instructions instead of racing ahead LOL).  I used my own fabric for the top band, you can see in a previous post I had a stripe fabric there but it wasn't doing it for me so then I found the big dotty fabric and it worked really well, LOVE it!

It is supposed to have a magnetic closure at the top BUT I raced ahead and sewed up the opening in the lining after turning it through, only to find the magnetic fittings had to be inserted through that gap - oops!  Figured I would see how it goes, I can always unpick later and add it in if I want :)

I love big zippered pocket inside too, very handy!