Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things..

OK so I seem to have fallen into a bit of a hole lately, and I really need to pull myself back out and find some inspiration again! So I thought I would start with a small To-Do list that I can choose a project from and off I go! So here is the illustrated version :)

Firstly years ago a friend gave me some Liberty of London scraps, the fabrics is so fine and soft and just lovely to hold and fondle, and it was so special that I couldn't bring myself to cut it up!  Well the last few weeks have taught me that life is short and unpredictable, so I might as well enjoy using the fabrics while I can!  I really love Pink Penguins fabric baskets so I thought I would make 2 baskets, one for me and one for my friend, and I will still have enough fabric left over to fondle and horde for another day :)

Next up is my French Kiss quilt, I have all the blocks made and sewn into rows, and half the rows are sewn together, I just have to sew together the rest of the rows, add the borders, and it will be ready to quilt!

Then comes my Raspberry Ripple bag, the outside bag is made, just have to finish the zippered pocket, the handles and the lining and put it together!  I am not convinced on the striped fabric at the top though...

Then something small and quick, a few of these adorable mini oven mitt magnets by Obsessively Stitching (no pictures, you will have to go and have a look yourself :).

Then is The Boy's Dresden fan quilt, the blades are cut out and have points, but I think it needs to be bigger so I will need to make more blades.  The fabrics are partly Amy Schimler and others from my stash thrown in.

Then my Beach House bag (unstarted)...

And my Toffee Apple bag (unstarted)...

Then the Girly Girl's pink and green quilt, this was a kit but I modified the blocks so I could cut it out with my Go! LOL!  Again all the blocks are made, just have to finish putting them together!

My Chocolate Orange quilt, this is not yet started, I bought the orange fabrics and pattern from Quilt Taffy, and will use Moda Bella Chocolate fabric as the background.

And then the hubby's quilt, same story, blocks are made, just have to put it together!  Can you pick the part of making a quilt I like the least?  LOL!  This is a Moda kit.

Then there is the butterfly quilt from Mode Bake Shop that I am going to make with the Frolic charm squares I won (picture taken from the Moda Bake Shop website).

OK that will have to do for now, otherwise I won't know where to start!!


  1. Your work is most beautiful, my dear friend. Thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!

  2. I love your quilts! They are beautiful!

  3. lucky to have those liberty of london scraps! what a great gift!