Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Schnibbling along...

Well seeing as I am only a newcomer to the world of blogging I thought I would join in the Year Of Schnibbles for the first time this month.  So I went ahead and ordered my pattern and chose my charm squares, and here in lies my first mistake!  I chose Amy Butler's Daisy Chain range, and now that I think about it BIG prints and SMALL pieces do not go so well together.  Never mind, I went ahead and started cutting and piecing.  NOw my next problem, there are no lights and darks, the prints are all mediums.  So there is no tonal contrast, and little color contrast too.  I won't tell you what I am reminded of when I see the blocks put together, but it's not pretty LOL!

I thought maybe I could add in some sashing, I tried chocolate brown but it just did not work, then I thought about the same solid green I used in the small 9-patches...

But I am still not convinced.  Do I keep going and hope it works out in the end, or do I stop now and use the blocks I have made for a bag or something?  Or do I try and get some plain fabric in that blue that seems to pop out and do thin sashing with that?  Help!!

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  1. At first I wasn't sure what to tell you but on closer inspection of your squares I feel they would be perfect for a great bag! So yes go and begin again your "schnibbles" with some fabric that doesnt make you feel you are wasting your time! These blocks will be perfect for some other project and already stitched!

    Hope I have helped (not hindered)