Friday, April 9, 2010

My magazine addiction

OK I will admit it, I am addicted to magazines!  Not those trashy gossip type ones, oh no, I am addicted to quilt magazines.  I try to avoid the newsagents, but I had to post some letters and the newsagents is right next door to the post office, and in a moment of weakness in I went.  Well I found the latest American Patchwork and Quilting (April, we are a little slow over here!), which was a little exciting.  BUT the really exciting moment was when I spotted a new magazine I had never seen before, a FRENCH magazine (but in English)!

I had a quick flip through, lovely quality glossy paper, gorgeous pictures, and sooooo many quilts to look at.  The layout and photography are fantastic, it really looks like a great deal of time and effort and creativity went into putting it together, unlike some magazines these days that just seem to be slapped together and churned out.  And a good price too, a bargain for an international magazine.  So off it went home with me, and I am in LOVE!!! The cover quilt is definitely on my to-do list, love the Japanese quilt but all that applique is a bit too much.  A magazine worth looking out for, and definitely a keeper!

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