Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

Well I have had a very lovely Friday Night Sew-In!  OK so I know it is actually Saturday here in Australia, but I figure it is Friday night somewhere in the world LOL!

I made the Spring Bucket Tote designed by Heidi from Handmade by Heidi and I am really happy with how easy it was and how nicely it turned out!  Well actually, that should be how nicely *they* turned out, because I made 2 identical bags, I will be giving one to my mum for mothers day in a few weeks times, which means not only does she get a special bag, but I will think of her each time I use my identical bag, because the fabrics are the same in both and are very much my mums style!  One thing I really love about this bag is it is reversible, the chicken fabric is on the inside, but the bag can be turned inside out and looks just as great!

I couldn't find any rope that looked suitable for handles, and I have no idea what Duck Cloth is, so I bought the kit, and Heidi was kind enough to email me the pattern so I didn't have to wait for the kit to arrive in the mail to get started!  My handles on these bags were made with a navy cotton twill fabric to finish at 2inches wide, the body of the bag was red twill, and the inside was quilting cotton.

So now I am going to make a start on my Dandy bag, I have changed my fabric choice completely, and am much happier with my selection now.  I won't show you what I have chosen yet, you will just have to check back later and see!


  1. It seems to be a very useful bag with really good handles.

  2. Great fabrics,great pattern,looking forward to seeing the finish:-)
    Happy Quilting.

  3. Your bags look great. Check back later.

  4. A cute bag. Your mom will love her bag. Mary (Kris's Mom)

  5. Love the bags! And I love that lining fabric you used. Twill tape makes a good handle too.