Monday, April 19, 2010

And another bag....

Well I was on a roll, and I had Sunday afternoon with hubby away and the kids amusing themselves, what else was I to do?  So I dug out this kit I had bought from The Fat Quarter Shop almost 2 years ago!  At the time I thought it was lovely in pink and green so I went ahead and ordered, when it arrived it had RED in it!  Not only that, but it had RED AND PINK TOGETHER.  In the same bag.  At the time I just couldn't cope with that, so in the back of the cupboard it went! 

So now that I have decided it was time I just got over my whole "I don't do red!" thing I figured I would brave up and make the bag.  And you know what?  I *LOVE* it!  I could really get into this red thing, and I even think I could come to love red and pink together!  Who knows, maybe in the future I could even come at blue and green together too!!

The pattern is the Manhattan Handbag by Pink Sand Beach Designs, the fabrics are batiks in hot pink and almost fluorescent lime green, the spotty fabric is a red batik and it goes around the sides and bottom, the handles and the lining.


  1. That's a very pink and beautiful bag.

  2. I love your bag! The colours are just so vibrant!

    I also have trouble with the colour red but only when its mixed with orange. As a teenager I actually threw up seeing the colours together! Nowadays they just make me a bit nauseous sometimes.